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USED Bell Kit Rental (3 Month Minimum)
USED Bell Kit Rental (3 Month Minimum) (URNTBK-JH)



(3 Month Minimum Rental)


*$23 Per Month after minimum*

 Benefits of Rental Program

  • Band rentals include instrument, mouthpiece and case.
  • String rentals include instrument, bow, rosin, rock stop and case.
  • FREE exchange to another instrument if needed.
  • FREE Loaner if your instrument needs repair once you take possession.

 Rent-to-Own Option

  • All band rental credit is applied towards purchase of your rental instrument.
  • String rental credit for the first two years and half of everything after that, up to a full size, can be applied to the purchase of the same type of instrument you are renting.
  • Purchase of step-up or professional level instruments may be made by either using your rental credit based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or our discounted purchase price, whichever is to your benefit.
  • Rental credits may not be used in conjunction with discounted prices.
List Price: $0.00 Manufacturer:
Price: $69.00 (Save $-69.00) Model Number: URNTBK-JH

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