Cleaning & Care

Image Trumpet Care Kit (HBRCKL)

Price: $17.99

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Hanky Swab (HSWAB)
Hanky Swab
Model# HSWAB

Clarinet Hanky swab is an excallent swab to clean clarinets. Also is used as a neck cleaner for alto sax.

Price: $6.60

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Gem Flute 100% Silk Swab Black (GFSBK)
Gem Flute 100% Silk Swab Black
Model# GFSBK

More absorbent than cotton Tapered cut Double layer dries quickly Hand-washable

List: $13.00

Price: $11.99

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Runyon Thumb Saver (R395)
Runyon Thumb Saver
Model# R395

The soft rubberized plastic thumb rest for the right hand provides a non-slip surface and a positive grip while playing...

Price: $2.59

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Superslick Pocket Sprayer (ss12376)
Superslick Pocket Sprayer
Model# ss12376

Superslick Trombone Spray Bottle | Musician's Friend Convenient Superslick Trombone Spray is a...

Price: $2.95

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Slide-O-Mix (337)
Model# 337

The Slide-O-Max Trombone Lubrication System is used by professional trombone artists worldwide. This long-lasting trombone...

List: $27.00

Price: $21.99

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Superslick Brass Mouthpiece Brush (SSBMB)
Superslick Brass Mouthpiece Brush
Model# SSBMB

-Effectively cleans mouthpiece -Allows for unobstructed air flow -Wire brush handle

Price: $2.99

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Venture Trombone Snake (V1041)
Venture Trombone Snake
Model# V1041

Vinyl snake to clean out the inside tubing of any trombone. With regular use, will help the slides to not get stuck.

Price: $5.59

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Yamaha Slide Lubricant (YAC1021P)
Yamaha Slide Lubricant
Model# YAC1021P

Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant Trombone Lubricants Yamaha Slide Lube is a silicone and soap mixture similar to...

Price: $9.99

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